Friday, 4 March 2016

MANIFESTA 11: Zürich


This is what some of the big boys are doing......

11 Good Reasons to visit Manifesta 11

1. “Its more than urgent in the current crisis in which Europe is finding itself to show the relevance of artistic interventions and the way how artists can create a social impact. Manifesta 11 in Zurich with the theme 'What People do for money? Some Joint Ventures" provides a practical understanding of art's societal impact in todays European big issues such as unemployment and uncertainty of their labor future. With the highest amounts of youth unemployment in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy since the second world war, a quarter of European citizen under 25 years old, are without work or education! That proofs the relevance of Manifesta 11." Hedwig Fijen, Manifesta Founder and Director of Manifesta 11.
2. “Our project promises many surprises. Beforehand, I was told the Swiss were a cautious people. Now, when we look for hosts for our artists, I experience the opposite. Cooperation with Zurich police, for example, has been an absolute dream. They are quick and well organised. We talked about surrealism with them.“ Christian Jankowski, Curator Manifesta 11.
3. “I am delighted that the Löwenbräukunst complex will be one of the main venues of Manifesta this summer. Where once beer was brewed has been an exhibition centre for contemporary art for more than twenty years now. In 2012, the entire building was refurbished and extended. Some parts are now under a preservation order, with the result that today, the Löwenbräu complex feels like a monument to the industrial past. In other words, it is an extremely fitting place in which to reflect on the topic of ‘work‘ in a city that moves between ‘Zwinglian work ethic‘ and leisurely pleasures.” Heike Munder, Director Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in the Löwenbräukunst-Areal, one of the venue partners of Manifesta 11.
4. “I recommend Zurich in summer 2016 because the city’s art scene will do everything it can to make the Manifesta pale in comparison with local creativity.“ Urs Steiner, Coordinator Parallel Events Manifesta 11.
5. “Zurich in Summer 2016 – because we will be celebrating 100 years of Dada and the birthplace of Dada, the Cabaret Voltaire, will be transformed into the ‘Cabaret der Künster – Zunfthaus Voltaire‘.” Adrian Notz, Director Cabaret Voltaire,
6. "Come to Zurich this summer to find a new art island in the lake. Don’t forget your swimming trunks." Tom Emerson, Studio Tom Emerson at ETH Zürich, developing for Manifesta 11 the Pavillon of Reflections.
7. "I recommend Zurich in summer 2016 because they have the zoo and the rich." Mike Bouchet, Artist Manifesta 11. Join his Zurich Load-Day on March 24!
8. "I would recommend everyone to visit Manifesta 11 this summer because you will see the everyday slog of work transformed into artworks that will make you laugh, ponder, dance, cry, smile, hum, frown and think." Francesca Gavin, Co-Curator Historical Section, Manifesta 11.
9. "In Summer 2016 the appearance of Manifesta 11 created by us can be experienced throughout the whole city. Each visuality of Manifesta 11 is accompanied by a small narration on the topic of ‘working’. The individual, visible narrations are brief snapshots of various working worlds in Zurich which complement the artistic intentions of Manifesta 11.“ Ruedi Baur, Integral Ruedi Baur.
10. “I recommend Zurich in summer 2016, because the city on the Limmat, with the lake and the Limmat and Sihl rivers, not only offers a choice of great ways to cool down but also because – thanks to Manifesta 11 – it is also temporarily the European Capital of Culture." Ueli Heer, Zurich Tourism.
11. "I have been accompanying Christian Jankowski for more than a year now. He is one of those people who go their own way undaunted, with passion and tenacity. His current goal is the Manifesta. If only half of what he is planning actually happens in Zurich, then I do not want to miss it. And I won’t miss it. I’ve already booked a hotel room to be on the safe side." Jonas Lepin, Journalist Monopol.

Me on the other hand, I'll be forced to $€LLOUT.......

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