Friday, 27 May 2016

Press Release.


OBVIOUSLY, it is MY privilege to call myself an ARTIST. There is NOTHING I like more, than to share my art with the public. Financial reward(?) or compensation (?) is of NO INTEREST to me, and I would gladly GIVE AWAY my paintings to ANYONE and EVERYONE.
Unfortunately, that is NOT POSSIBLE.

So, with this in mind, and to coincide with MANIFESTA 11 (and their theme ‘What people do for money’), I have devised the $€LLOUT PROJ€CT.

It will be distributed, deposited and handed-out FREELY, around Zürich, at MANIFESTA locations and other destinations dedicated to furthering the enjoyment of ART for ART’s SAKE (these will include Art Basel, Satellite Fairs and Museums).

Any recipient of this hand signed and individually numbered, currency should bring it to the JEDLITSCHKA GALLERY at 52 SEEFELDSTRASSE, 8008 ZÜRICH between June, 9th and September, 10th 2016 (Vernissage June 9th, 5 -8pm).
IF their number matches one of the 9 randomly selected, they will be declared a WINNER! and invited to choose one of the 9 specially commissioned paintings.

The artist has tried to produce something for every TASTE.

Titles include; Celebrity, “Street” (Urban) art, Genitalia (Male and Female), Mountains, Social Issues, Text-based, Irony and  Neon.
Potential WINNERS! are urged not to delay. The realities of modern life have forced the artist for NO OTHER REASON than practical necessity, to reserve the right to $€LLOUT. - ALL PRIZES ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.

The buyer has the option to select 1 of 9 possible prices according to their ability and depth of pocket  feeling, for the art (world). Each price can only be selected ONCE.
Additionally, any TRUE LOVER of art, with the foresight and means to do so, is INVITED to purchase the collection as a WHOLE (including the fastidiously painted price list).  This will place them in an enviable position of controlling the future of and all access to the project. The participation of the PUBLIC and any interaction they may desire to have with the work, will cease without the express consent of this GENEROUS - ART GUARDIAN.

For more information and any questions please contact Chris Dennis at
Please follow for news, pictures, updates and money drop locations.

INSTAGRAM: @chris_dennis_art    #selloutproject


We'll See, Won't We?

Monday, 23 May 2016


Keep your eyes peeled. - HUNDREDS of these, individually signed and numbered bills will be 'distributed' in Zürich and various other destinations around Switzerland, starting in June.
Follow the project on INSTAGRAM  #selloutproject

'Something' for Everyone.


130 artists, 250 artworks, 30 new productions, 30 documentary films about the new productions, a guild of artists, a swimming pavillon with its own pool and 38 parallel events: It all adds up to Manifesta 11 in Zurich. Here is an overview of what you can look forward to this summer. We can’t wait to see you!
What People Do for Money: Some Joint Ventures – under this title, 30 international artists have joined forces with their Zurich hosts from diverse professions to produce new artworks. Each new production will be presented in three ways: once in a satellite venue, once in either Löwenbräukunst or Helmhaus and once as a film screened at the Pavillon of Reflections.

The Historical Exhibition: Sites Under Construction brings together selected historical and contemporary positions to explore how work can be the subject of investigation and artistic reflection. The exhibition is divided into eleven theme chambers and is being presented in the Löwenbräukunst and the Helmhaus.

The Pavillon of Reflections, the floating platform docked Bellevue is the architectural icon of Manifesta 11, offering space for exchange and reflection. This is where the films about the newly created artworks will be screened. During the day, the Pavillon of Reflections will operate like one of Zurich’s traditional
open-air swimming areas

At Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire, artists and people from other professions will perform together on the stage. Anyone with the courage to go on stage before the guild audience and perform will automatically become a member of the newly founded guild of artists.

The Parallel Events offer a window into local and regional cultural life, presented in the international context of Manifesta 11. The Parallel Events include projects from the visual arts, performance, video, photography, dance, theatre, music and design.

Important note: you can download an instruction manual with important information for your visit to Manifesta 11 here.